Emma Barugh, Director

MB Human Resources Consulting Ltd

I approached Renoovo Design to assist with my marketing materials because my existing package consisted of a very basic website which was not mobile friendly and business cards that were poor quality. Both of the above included my old branding that was created rather haphazardly by 'a friend of a friend' that put it together encompassing the business name and nothing else. I regularly presented myself and my business at numerous events and networks and I was not filled with confidence with the materials I had.

Now, my marketing materials are used with pride and are regularly on show at exhibitions and events. My branding now represents not only my business name but also a flavour of who I am and most importantly what my business does, who it is aimed at and the market that I operate within. Jonny, as the Creative Director, took the time and asked the correct questions to make sure the branding was right. Clément, as the technical director, then worked his magic to recreate my website and make it more user friendly whilst following my new brand.

The colours of my brand are a flavour of me. The logo represents the change that occurs within people and organisations (you may see a cube or a hexagon) as well as the requirement for people (pieces of a jigsaw) to come together seamlessly. Additionally seeing the different shapes can be aided by tilting the card or changing your position, again demonstrating the difference that other perspectives can make. The words are for people who are more 'matter of fact', don't enjoy or immediately see the patterns and meanings of the logo. They describe what we help businesses or individuals achieve with each of our different interventions available. Overall look is clean and professional for the industry that I work in.

The branding that was created and then reflected consistently throughout all materials, perfectly encapsulates my business, and I couldn't be happier with it. I was very pleased as this project was completed within a very tight timescale and was done with the up most professionalism.

I have and will continue to recommend the services of Renoovo Design based on the outcomes and materials they produced for my business.