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The Problem

Taking Ground (previously known as the Salt & Light North East) is a network of churches and charities that share the same core values and commit to help each other. This network of 15+ organisations work together to impact local communities and bring a real difference in people's lives with a message of peace.

Each church needed a new website that would look modern, be easy to update, be simple to find information on, work well on mobiles and tablets and would achieve two main aims: share information with current members and inform new visitors.

Churches rely solely on member donations and therefore have a limited budget. These new websites needed to be affordable.

They also needed to hand over the more technical aspect of these to maintain the software, resolve hosting issues, manage the update process, fix bugs, guarantee strong security, ensure great performance, improve functionality and provide help when updating content.

The Solution

Renoovo Design had worked with churches before and understood their need to share details to their communities whilst ensuring a simple interface for volunteers to update the sites' content.

With several churches joining together financially, we were able to produce a large feature rich website that could be replicated and branded for each organisation.

We offered a set of features which included, amongst other items: promotional sliders, audio/video archives, event calendar, news feed, newsletters, activities/groups archives, photo galleries.

Each site is now part of a single WordPress Multisite Network install which simplifies the update process and allows volunteers to update multiple sites' content using one user account.

We currently manage the hosting, security, performance and software updates for the entire network. Our tailored monthly support package also includes email and phone support to deal with regular enquiries.

We have received excellent feedback from the leaders and visitors. If you are reading this and think "Hey, my charity needs a new website!"  then please get in touch about a new website design today.

Audio/Video Archive

This section allows the upload of audio, video and other media files, to allow church members to catch up on anything they've missed. Its layout is stylish and easy to use. It seamlessly integrates with YouTube and Vimeo videos amking it easy for the team to publish new content on a weekly basis.


Calendar / Event Management

Church members need to be aware of upcoming events and details such as booking, location, time, etc... Our calendar functionality does just that.


Content Update

The WordPress dashboard allows volunteers access to a simple interface to edit the content while ensuring consistent branding across the site. A set of drag and drop elements allows them to build interactive content. All the drag and drop elements are already set to look great on mobile devices, we call this "responsive".


Multisite Network

WordPress Multisite is the engine that powers wordpress.com which serves 74+ million websites worldwide. Setting up a Multisite for the churches enables us to update all sites in one go, with little-to-no interruption. Each sub-site can be branded and setup independently from each other whilst using the same set of WordPress plugins. This also ensures that all the websites benefit from the latest functionality and security updates.

Single Sign-On

Permission is granted for users to update specific areas of content. Some church staff and volunteers are appointed to manage the content of multiple websites. Providing volunteers with only one user account (as opposed to a separate username and password for each site) enables them to save time and manage content easily.


This solution is being gradually released to each part of the Taking Ground network of charities.

Some of the newer church plants do not have the finance to cover for a full website build as well as its upkeep. Pooling resources together ensures that everyone involved benefits from the latest technology and our great support service.

Click on the icons below to visit the live websites:

School of Applied Theology logo
Taking Ground Network
TVC Church Logo
Hexham Community Church Logo
Sunderland Community Church logo

and more to come...


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