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The Problem

SHE (Storage Handling Equipment Ltd) manufacture innovative trolleys and handling equipment for global retailers, supermarkets, convenience stores and businesses in various industry sectors including: diy, garden centre, transport & diary operations.

With the winning of major UK contracts including ASDA, Morrisons and Tesco, their website was lacking in prestige and professionalism. Although they had an online store, it was lacking in design and simplicity. Products were not organised and the store looked different from the main company site. Brand consistency was necessary. Continuity in navigation was essential to retain customers online and avoid unnecessary phone calls which slowed the business down.

On top of their heavy load, one member of staff was in charge of all the technical aspects of the website which not only lead to a lack of productivity for them but also meant that technical issues were being pushed to the back burner which increased security risks.

The Solution

As web consultants, Renoovo Design planned the new navigation and restructured the website entirely. The existing brand was reused to design a fresh but consistent look. The shop was rebuilt using the famous WooCommerce plugin for WordPress alongside a set of extensions to automate the ordering process.

Complex product CSV import has been used to setup all products on the new site. Products can now be browsed by range and industry sector, offering a more tailored experience for customers.

With our expertise in hosting, security, software updates and eCommerce management, Renoovo now handles all the ongoing software maintenance and technical support. This frees up SHE to concentrate on what they are good at and ensures that the site remains safe and secure in the midst of ever increasing online threats.

The website is listed in the official WooCommerce Showcase.

Website Before & After

The site had a lot of information spread out which sometimes was not pleasing to the eye. We have reworked the navigation and pages layouts to increase readability and user retention.

As well as the content being improved, page layouts are cleaner and more spaced out. This allows rest for the user's eyes whilst carrying a clear message. Pages are more appealing to visitors and have obvious call to actions.

SHE About page Before and After


Using Mobile Responsive technology, the layout now automatically responds to the screen size of the user's device. In the past, mobile users needed to zoomed in, zoomed out, scroll left and right. This was a huge barrier as the text was unreadable on small screens.

Now the layout adapts to the screen width and the fonts increase, allowing easy read and intuitive touch scroll. All interactions (e.g.: buttons, forms) are sized appropriately for touch screens.

SHE Mobile before and after


Shop Revamp


The previous shop, although technically hosted on the same domain name, was not part of the main website. It was not consistent with the overall look and feel, it lost the main menu and header information. Categories were also rendered amongst all the products with no clear distinction. This lead to confusion and mistrust.

SHE Shop page before



The shop underwent a major restructure. Products are now organised per industry sector to simplify the buying process. They can also be searched by category.

SHE Shop Page after


Product Display: Before and After

Products have been grouped into multiple variations thus simplifying the stock management and shop navigation. The product picture can be zoomed in. Additional details are organised into separate tabs.

SHE Sassy Shopper before and after


eCommerce Admin View

As soon as an order is placed an email with all details is sent to the admin team for processing. WooCommerce provides hands on information about orders for administrators.

SHE WooCommerce Admin Orders

Products can be edited easily using the editor screen. This allows the team to have control over their own pricing and which products they want to sell or discontinue.

SHE WooCommerce Admin Products

PowerPoint Presentation

Renoovo Design was asked to create a PowerPoint presentation which eventually lead to the winning of a major contract for SHE. Brand consistency was important to reflect the new website. Colours have been preserved and slides were animated.

For confidentiality we are not allowed to reveal sensitive information. Here is a low quality version of the slides without transitions.

SHE Slides


The client said

Excellent Service and Very professional in every task they undertake.
Storage & Handling Equipment Ltd would recommend to anyone.

Adam Overton, Operations Manager
Storage and Handling Equipment Ltd
Billingham, Tees Valley, England

The Finished Work

SHE website homepage
SHE homepage footer
SHE website About page
SHE website shop page
SHE Twin baby trolley

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