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e-Commerce, Translation and Web Support

Hides Fine Foods website

The Problem

Hides Fine Foods is a family run online food specialist supporting the cottage industry, sourcing quality artisan’s produce from independent producers around the United Kingdom.

The client had built their own website but were hitting some technical barriers. They had some experience of running a website but not enough to understand all the jargon used in the industry.

They wanted to convert their existing retail e-Commerce website into a wholesale platform for international sales. Their new website also needed to include German translation initially but also have a clever translation management system to offer more languages/currencies in future.

Renoovo Design was recommended to Hides Fine Foods to provide the expert technical support that was needed for their website.


The Solution

Renoovo Design provided a tailor made service to suit the needs of the client. A wholesale section was built to allow the client to show discounted rates to approved customers who wish to buy in bulk.

Renoovo Design were able to help the client expand their product range to the international market by providing a translation service that allows German customers to view the website in their native language with the click of a button.

Once the new features were installed on the existing site, the client was given training on how to use them to be able to manage it themselves. Renoovo Design explained and demonstrated the steps to manage their wholesale inventory and translation mechanism.

Hides has been working closely with the DIT (Department for International Trade) and the  British Slovenian Chamber of Commerce who booked meetings for Hides Fine Foods with major businesses in Slovenia for the end of October 2017. The collaboration with Renoovo Design began in September and was delivered on time so that the client was able to present the new website at their meetings in Slovenia.

Becoming International

Bolting on automated translation (such as Google) to a website is easy. However is it worthwhile? Computer translation does not understand context nor nuances. It does not translate industry specific jargon. It has no appreciation of local and cultural differences. This can lead to a huge loss of potential customers.

Whether selling internationally or not it is essential to understand the customers we are selling to. For example, their way of thinking, their culture, their currency, their language and their particular dialect. Sentient human beings must be involved in the process of translating. See this video for an explanation: 

Our client’s website needed to handle one foreign language initially but also have the ability to expand in the future. We used a Translation Management Software which enables this. It even manages foreign currencies using live exchange rates.

Once the original content is ready to be translated, it allows to bring expert translators to the table so they can edit the correct areas of the website whilst understanding the context of what they are translating. As the business grows and the website evolves, new content can be translated directly on the website.

Hides Fine Foods Ltd have now got a future-proof translation solution ready for growth.

Wholesalers Account Management

Whilst visitors must be allowed to browse through the "mouth-watering" catalogue of products, no wholesale prices should be displayed to the public.

Hides Fine Foods wanted to be in control of who to reveal their wholesale prices to, so a registration process was implemented to gather necessary customer details. The client was given the ability to approve or disapprove requests to register.

Wholesale Registration Form

Once approved, a customer receives a username and password to start ordering online. Once logged in to the website they can place orders using the bulk order form. No need to enter their delivery details each time, this is recorded for each time they purchase. Some customers prefer ordering over the phone or via paper, which is why the catalogue has been made available to download or order.

Wholesale Order Form - Hides Fine Foods Ltd

Ongoing Support

Renoovo continues to provide technical advice for Hides Fine Foods in areas including: hosting, security, SSL, performance, emails, domain DNS setup and more.


The client said

Having worked with Renoovo on some website improvements at the beginning of 2017, I quickly realised that Clément had in- depth knowledge of coding which made the company the perfect choice for taking on the wholesale and international translation project for me.

I worked very closely with Clément throughout the whole project, uploading plugins, images and formatting text whilst Clément worked on the more complex configuration.

This gave me an excellent insight into how the backend of the website works, giving me the confidence to tackle some of the routine issues you come across when you run an e-Commerce site.

I can confidently say that Renoovo will tailor your website requirements to meet your specific needs.

If you are looking for a good Developer look no further than Renoovo.

Mike Hides, Managing Director
Hides Fine Foods Ltd.
Co. Durham, England

The Finished Work

Hides Fine Foods Ltd - Homepage en
Hides Fine Foods Ltd - Homepage de
Hides Fine Foods Ltd - International Wholesale
Hides Fine Foods Ltd - Register

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