Monthly Services - "Under The Hood"

We're a “One-Stop Shop” for Technical Web Maintenance. We also manage domain names and email accounts for a multitude of clients.

Summary of our monthly packages:


Hosting Packages

Hosting Pro for WordPress

Every website needs somewhere to 'live' once it has been built. Choosing the right hosting company is as important as choosing the right business location.

As the Internet expands, websites are a target for attackers worldwide wanting to get hold of server resources, steal information and spread malware/viruses to generate revenue. Our Pro package offers the highest protection against threats.


  • High availability solution. To retain visitors and keep growing your brand, your WordPress digital experience has to be reliable. We provide uptime protection and data centre redundancy to make sure your site loads when it’s supposed to.
  • Disaster Recovery. In the unlikely event your site is compromised, bounce back quickly with our expert recovery help.
  • Blazing fast load speeds. To stay competitive in a global marketplace, you can’t compromise site speed, especially during a traffic spike. With advanced technologies, the entire architecture is scalable and all optimised.
  • Enterprise-grade security. We help you avoid major threats to your organisation with our enterprise-grade security features. So, you can create and publish fearlessly.

Technical details

  • UK based Data Centre tailored for WordPress
  • offsite website backups and disaster recovery support
  • Latest PHP 7 (current release 7.3) and HTTP/2 Enabled
  • Content Delivery Network: ensuring fast delivery of resources across the world
  • advanced caching mechanism on server level
  • scalable architecture all optimised for WordPress
  • threat detection and blocking
  • security engineering team handles code reviews and security audits
  • managed WordPress Core updates and patches
  • traffic encryption with SSL certificates (available at additional cost)

Standard Hosting

Our standard package is designed for minimum cost with standard security. Our firewall prevents flood attacks which are designed to weaken the server and gain control.

  • configured to host most popular CMS (e.g.: Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress)
  • scheduled website backups
  • standard security measures including firewall
  • 24/7 site monitoring to ensure great availability
  • traffic encryption with SSL certificates (available at additional cost)
  • includes website domain transfer from current provider if applicable

Domain names and emails

As part of our hosting packages we provide professional domain name registration service. We ensure your registrar records are kept up to date at all times. We manage the DNS servers to point to the right place. We can help configure security policies such as DMARC and SPF to protect your domain from being a source of spam.

Why not check if your domain is available to register first? Then, contact us to fully manage your domain (such as registration, renewals, nameservers, subdomains, DNS records).

Professional email addresses are important for your brand. Using an address ending, or is seen as amateurish. Why not get a professional account such as [email protected]?

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Support Packages

Maintaining your website is key in protecting data and ensuring availability. A broken site leads to visitor frustration and poor reputation. Search Engines regularly penalise neglected sites using blacklists. We believe investing in prevention is better than unexpectedly spending money on repairs. We provide regular support to help you protect your organisation and its online presence.

Website Maintenance (for WordPress and other CMS)

We update the CMS software to the latest stable version, update the plugins and theme, and carefully test for any errors occurring from the update process. When problems arise, we liaise with third parties and provide a fix so your website continues to work like a charm.

  • Core security updates
  • Theme security updates
  • Plugin security updates
  • Thorough integrity checks
  • Bug fixing resulting from updates
  • Ensure mobile responsiveness
  • Ensure fast delivery of content (web optimisation)

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Website Support (for all sites)

This is prepaid time which can be used in different ways. We can tailor your support package according to your needs, including:

  • Website content update (text/images/banners/ads/products)
  • Minor website tweaks
  • Phone + email support
  • Expert advice to improve your online presence

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Please Note: Any work required which falls outside the scope of agreed packages will be quoted separately.


All packages are governed by our terms. Please read our terms and conditions here.