Eight Years, Eight Lessons

Happy Birthday Renoovo
September is special to us, a time of looking both forward and backward. It’s our anniversary month. In 2019, we celebrate our eighth year of trading. Happy Birthday to us. A business associate asked me which eight things I’d want to share as important lessons. There are many! Here are my top eight from our eight years of fun and challenge. To make it absolutely clear, I have actually “lived” these, rather than stolen them from a business guru’s podcast…

Hacking, 5 Tips From “The Front Line”

Royal guards securing a building
Yes, of course we all know about hacking. Many, many of my customers think that a simple "antivirus and good password" approach will keep them safe. Sadly, as I deal with cleaning up the results of successful hacking, I know from personal experience that this really isn't enough. Some of the tips I give are for any of us using the internet, whilst others are specific to website owners.

5 Common Mistakes Startups Shouldn't Make

I think you're making a huge mistake
Time after time, we see start-up businesses making the same basic errors in their web and print presence. “We’re short of money - we can’t afford a swanky website”, they say. Agreed. However, you absolutely cannot squeeze the budget on your main route to market. Because it’s our industry, we have a sharp eye for basic errors. We’ve noticed five key ones the start-ups continue to make.