Hacking, 5 Tips From “The Front Line”

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Yes, of course we all know about hacking. Many, many of my customers think that a simple "antivirus and good password" approach will keep them safe. Sadly, as I deal with cleaning up the results of successful hacking, I know from personal experience that this really isn't enough. Some of the tips I give are for any of us using the internet, whilst others are specific to website owners.

5 Common Mistakes Startups Shouldn't Make

I think you're making a huge mistake
Time after time, we see start-up businesses making the same basic errors in their web and print presence. “We’re short of money - we can’t afford a swanky website”, they say. Agreed. However, you absolutely cannot squeeze the budget on your main route to market. Because it’s our industry, we have a sharp eye for basic errors. We’ve noticed five key ones the start-ups continue to make.