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Clement in front of Renoovo Design Ltd at Digital House

Renoovo Design Ltd. Based in North East England. Responsive, ethical, creative, competent.

That's us.

Why “Renoovo”?  Our founder is French, and “renouveau” means “revival”.  We take old, tired, unloved websites and create something new. As the web constantly renews itself, we seek to make that a reality for our clients.

We take your business and e-commerce ideas and refresh, restore, and revitalise them, creating a distinctive and effective online presence.

We're passionate about excellence. Determined to rid the world of dull, unattractive and unsecure websites.

New ideas, traditional values. We work with our clients, not just for them.  What drives your business also drives us. Our reputation is our strongest asset – most of our business comes from recommendations from very satisfied clients.

Creative or Technical?  Both, actually! We understand the “back office” technical aspects of a site, such as WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce software for WordPress. Our UPS Access Point plugin for WooCommerce was sold across Europe and the Americas. We designed and built it for one of the largest logistics multinationals.

Stable and Secure in a fast-moving industry. We are passionate about cyber-security, and understand the vital need to maintain what's “under the hood” on a website. 

We are not an SEO agency. However, we go beyond SEO, addressing vital technical issues that SEO specialists neither understand nor address, but affect your searchability.

Quite simply, let us create an excellent shop window for your business, then handle all the unseen but vital technical factors.

We've worked with a large cross-section of businesses.  Driving all we do is our strong Christian ethos. We're committed to opposing unethical, unfruitful and potentially destroying habits in the sector based on deception, misuse and stealing. We strive to honour customers with high quality service which exceed their expectations. “In giving, we receive”.  It works.

Who is behind Renoovo?


Clement Gonnet at Renoovo Design Ltd

Clément LinkedIn profile

Clément (closest pronuncitation in northern English accent: "clay-mon") is a hybrid of a true “techie”, but with a strong creative “eye”. He's a full-stack software developer with great understanding of computer technologies, web platforms and programming languages. He has developed enterprise-level software from scratch used to run entire business workflow. Clement has over 10 years' experience in Web development.

However, don't be scared off by the threat of geekiness. He understands that technology has to serve the business. So often he finds that in reality a business is serving the technology, slowing it down, absorbing time, sending the wrong message and therefore, frustrating the customer. He can quickly grasp where a business wants to go, and ensure that the technology takes them there.



Alongside technical wizardry and design inspiration, the wider Renoovo family includes experienced business professionals who contribute thirty-plus years of commercial knowledge and a flair for marketing communication.

Renoovo work with a select range of proven service providers. They can offer industry specific content writing, localised translation, photography, video production, online marketing campaigns and more.

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